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Jedediah Caesar & Bror Ida Lennartsson

11 May - 22 June


Louche Ops is pleased to announce our latest exhibit which includes works by Jedediah Caesar and Bror Ida Lennartsson. Archaeological relics are usually displayed evidentially, dramatizing the past as something like a crime scene. As a field that strives towards empirical procedure, the conscious interplay of projected identifications between those who uncover the objects and those who'd produced them would be taboo. The mentality of the social sciences is possessed by law, even while the semantics of these laws are destined to become cultural artifacts themselves. But where archaeology uncovers, art translates.


Both artists in this exhibit display work that's involved with the articulation of fragmentary remains through various restagings of them. While it's comprehended that the subject embedded within an object can only ever be made partially available, the reasons for this incompleteness are indexed to the contexts of their presentation as much as to any absence or lack within the material. Whether it concerns the documentation etiquette of archaeological excavations from previous generations or the ways that contemporary urban planning unwittingly conducts the concentration of pigeons, the communicative limitations of an object are made visible or obscured both by where they're taken from and how they're presented.


It may be impossible to perceive the limitations of the perspective one observes the world from, but in surrendering to the anticipation that this is an inevitably relative station, there is space for levitation above categorical certainty. The fact that something is incomprehensible, does not make it uninhabitable.


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